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Ok, here is Kjell's ideas on teaching non-gaming wife and children how to play Warhammer Fantasy.

First: Have enough cash to build four armies at the same time. I spend $1-200 a month on models, paints, modeling materials, and books. I could have one rockin' army by now if I had spent all the cash on one.

Second: Start simple. Start them with one basic infantry model. Learn how to move it, what LOS is and what the basic stats are. Then rank up five models. Move with a line. Make a block of troops. Figure out how to move a whole block. Go back to one model and teach them combat. Figure out the differant weapons. Fight unit on unit combat. Repeat until they have a pretty good grasp of it.

Move on to ranged combat. Figure out bows, crossbows, handguns, etc. Learn to shoot. Add shooting to hand to hand. Add in a leader model and start gaming very small actions.

Add in cavalry models. Learn mounted movement and combat. Teach my daughter about the Lance formation. Regret it when she smashes everyone's foot troops with punishing charges. Add all three units together and keep gaming.

Third: Magic! Teach 'em magic and throw wizards, damsels, spellsingers and mages into the games. We still won't be counting points by this time.

Fourth: Everyone picks their next unit. It gives them ownership of the armies, even if Dad is slaving away over the painting table. Then they pick enough units to get to 1,500 points.

I was shooting for 1,000 but I can't add and missed with the Wood Elves horribly, so we will just skip 1,000 points.

Fifth: Add BSB models and teach them what they are for.

Sixth: Add war machines, or something nasty like Treekin.

Seventh: Have fun!

Along the way I will keep adding in rules for the game. we will leave out anything too complicated at first, and just add things in as the "get" the game. I want to take the armies to 3,000 points each for their three, maybe starting an evil army for me sometime down the road.

My son already wants a dragon in his army, and my daughter wants "lots of damsels!". My wife really doesn't care that much, but she is willing to play if it keeps us doing something together.

In a nutshell, that's it. If they like it, maybe later they can start their own army, learning to build and paint the models. And then we can try out 40K, naval combat, or my fav Flames of War. The possiblities are endless! Mwwaahahahaha!

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