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Default Gripe numero uno! Forge World

Yay, my first gripe in a long line of them! Ok, first let me say this. i do LOVE Forge World. There models are ridiculous. They help me not have to GS things, as i suck with it. In fact, a large part of this army will be attributed to Forge World. But... two things.
1. Does it take everyone else as long to get their orders as it does me? i generally dont see the package for almost a month and a half at a time. Im alittle impatient sometimes, but this is workable, i just have to plan accordingly.

2.take a look at this picture:

Anyone else see the problem here? Looks like Frodo standing next to Gandalf! Again, due to my lack of sculpting ability, i just have to deal with it but i just wanted to get some more opinions here. We pay ALOT of money for these beautifully sculpted models, but isnt the scale offset just alittle too noticeable?

Ok, i feel better now. But i would like to hear what you have to say. drop me a line!

People take time to comment. So reply in kind

My Khorne/Nurgle army project log
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