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Hello all!

Ok, so i'm finally getting off my arse and putting this thing together. As some might know, i've always been a long time fan of the World Eaters. But now i've decided they need some company, the ever lasting Plague Marines of Nurgle. Now i have some back story fluff on this little rag tag band of bloodthirsty, festering warriors, but that will come alittle later once i've fine tuned the details.

Some of things i want to make sure i touch on in this log is (of course) the army completion status, the structure of the army, fluff, painting, tips & tid bits, discussions and so forth.

This will be a pic heavy log, so theres your forewarning. A few other things to keep in mind. I have plenty of bitches and gripes that will come with time, but that dosent mean im not all for a discussion on whatever the matter might be and am always looking for opinions, insight, questions, comments, concerns and hum drum chit chat. I am a fairly slow painter, so this could take awhile!

Please make sure to visit and return to see whats new, blast me on my screw ups (as there will be many im sure) im always for the atta boys when something looks or sounds pretty cool. Keep tuned in, i will update on a regular basis. the first real entry will be posted soon after this post, just thought i'd do alittle introduction.

I hope you enjoy my misery as i continue on this quest! (kidding, i love this stuff!)

Ok, so i actually started the army about a month ago, but i've been on vacation along with various other little things not need mentioning, so im gonna start now. Let me catch you up to speed.

This is a Khorne and Nurgle marked army. The scheme is pretty well balanced model wise, maybe a good portion difference in point costs, but whatever.

The way i usually do my armies is troops, then HQ (or mixed as they are in this case) then i usually do transport(rhinos), then dreds, then heavy support. Right now i'm starting out with my Khorne berzerkers, plus i've finished my Khorne lord. His detailed entry can be found here https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ad.php?t=79555.

Now i'm a firm believer in that anyone can paint, and just as many can paint well. This is predicated on the idea that you find YOUR painting style, strengths, weaknesses and address them accordingly. For example in my case, im very particular about getting all the little nooks and crannies of the model. at the same time, i like to keep to a "one line painting strat" as much as possible. meaning i like to normally only paint against one line as much as possible instead of painting in between two. So, to combat the difficulties these tendencies pose, i normally paint my models at natural breaks in the model (pictured below.) This is probably what causes my lack of speed in painting, but i couldnt care less if i was fast or not. as for my style and comfort in painting, i have more control of the model when i am holding them with hemostats and pull the brush towards me instead of fanning away. Things like that is what you have to look for to find your niche (imo) in painting. Obviously little tid bits of advice from other people can be good, but ever let someone tell you how you have to paint. no, tell them to go sit on a vice drill.... Anyway, on to some pictures.

Here you can see what i mean by i paint in sections. I simply drill a hole in a later unseen area, glue in a piece of paper clip, then use my hemostats to handle the model. same process for the backpack. Now im ready to prime.

I like to base my models before painting. IMO it saves time down the road, and is less hassle. The mix you see is a mix of Gale Force Nine rock, Army Painter black battleground and Caribbean sand (regular sand.) I mix it into a separate container for consistency. First i place any tid bits like skulls on with super glue (i use Loctite Superglue) then I put a dot or two of regular elmars glue then spread it around with a tooth pic evenly across the surface. Once im happy with the spread i dip it into my mix. Using a retired painting brush i might move a grain around or two to my liking, get the grit off the legs and what not then let the glue dry for 2-3 hours to be safe. Now im ready to prime.

I still need to prime for picture purposes, so stay tuned and i will get back to you. In the mean time, here is a small gallery of models that i have completed to give you a sense for whats in store.

People take time to comment. So reply in kind

My Khorne/Nurgle army project log

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