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Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
I like the grey on red, my only quibble is that the red almost looks pink in the photo. I am going to attribute that to photo translation issues. I would also try to get some shading in the recesses of the fabric, maybe a Badab wash prior to dry brushing just to make things more defined.
I think the pinkish tone is likely a camera issue; I'm starting with a fairly dark red, so in real light they look pretty dark.

I'll add the wash to my paint scheme, thanks for the advice! Though I'm pretty far from the nearest hobby shop, so I'll probably be using standard black paint watered way the hell down...

Originally Posted by GrimzagGorwazza View Post
What are you using as a highlight and how are you painting the red sections?
I'm starting with a plain black undercoat, basecoating with Red Gore and a light drybrush of Blood Red for highlight, though I might add a darker wash to the armor as well as the cloth.

Originally Posted by rich11762 View Post
id like to see some bigger pictures if possible

I'll grab some ASAP; these are standard upload size for Photobucket so I've just been lazy

I just got back from work, so it'll be hobby time very soon here...another update to follow later tonight.

Originally Posted by Navar89
if I hang out with you any more I just might pick up 40K...You, sir, are dangerous.

Holy shit, I've a plog again!
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