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Well, I finally managed to get a recharging thingy for my camera. But I also managed to borrow my father waaaay better camera, not really used to use it though but I´d like to think that the pictures came out better.

Anyway here are the close ups for the tanks that I promised

Predator annihilator. The first of many tanks for this force. I have a few Brass etchings on it to make it look a little special.

Predator Destructor. Dident have any good etchings for this one so it´s just some transfers.

Dreadnought. The plaque was a pain to paint becouse the text is really really small. I did try to make the rext red at first but then it became imbossible to read it so I had to repaint it white. It also had an eagle on to but that one had to go becouse of space issues on the dreadnought.

Razorback. This was the first tank/transport I did for the force, and actually the first vehicle I ever made. It have som FW stuff on it to make it look really Ultramariny.

Rhino. It has been given the FW imperial eagle doors. nothing special other than that.

Rhino. Ultramarine doors from FW. I think these ones came out quite good. Both the arrow on the top hatch on this one and the other are freehand. Doing the only requierd the help of a friend and a bit of paper. After have done the straight line with the help of paper and freind I only hade to tidy it up a bit and fill it in, quite easy.

Same rhino but other side. Here you can se the rear door to. All my transports with FW stuff also have the Rear door addition.

And for a bit of a uppdate here at the end, heres my contribution for the Army paintin challange - January. My command squad. But I really have to get some better light when taking photos of my infantry specialy, they come out way to dark. ANyway. if you would like to se a mini from more angels or anything just drop a line and I will take some new pics
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