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Why exactly 3 USR's? Raven Guard get Fleet. It's a relatively "powerful" rule in the right circumstances, but only of use in assault units, really - and Assault Marines aren't effective (for their cost) as assault units, and Vanguard are too expensive to make use out of. Scouts could benefit, but then again, they're fairly poor in an assault as well. The one unit majorly benefitting is Assault Terminators, and plopping them in a vehicle is more than enough.

Night Lords - they just had Night Vision/Acute Senses. Assault Marines were used before others in the Legions, but that doesn't mean they have any more. However, the same could be said of Blood Angels, and look where that gets them. Night Lords - perhaps they grant an addition -1 to Morale Check modifiers in an assault, akin to "Daemonic Visage"?

IW - I'd like to say Havoc's can score, but that's not particularly nice (as it's then achoice between Scoring Heavy Weapons Teams or Obliterators). Perhaps a Warsmith (can take a Servo Harness, or Daemonic Conversion Beamer - Kai Gun?). Perhaps give thm Stealth or Stubborn when in ruins?

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