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What about giving IW Relentless, Stealth, and Tank Hunters since the NL's have 3 special rules for their Ancient Enemy?

Something like:

NL: Raptors become Troops. In addition, Raptors may upgrade to Jet Packs for X amount of points. All models with 'Ancient Enemy' gain the Hit and Run, Fearless and Night Vision USRs.

IW: Devastator squads become troops. In addition, Devastators may take 2 more weapons then they would normally be allowed (or some other rule that lets them take weapons for less points). All models with the 'Ancient Enemy' rule gain Melta Bombs at no additional cost. In addition, they gain the Relentless, Stealth and Tank Hunter USRs.

I agree with the Cult of the Hydra having stealth as well. Maybe a Sniper Rifle upgrade as well? It fits with the Scout, Infiltrate pairing.

Why not give WB's a special option regrading Daemons? Or making Possessed troops and give them a rule makeover (such as paying points for special rules?)

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