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Default Flamen Minoris, Haeteor, of the Emblazoned Feathers

Things are moving fast these days!


Originally Posted by Bane_of_Kings View Post
hey, nice work .

Originally Posted by Sgt Pasanius View Post
Again you astound me with your originality.
That tech adept is looking sweet, although im not sure about the yellow on the servo arm, but that is just personal taste.
Your Baal Pred reminds me that i need to put the two i have together.
As always i wait with baited breath till your next post and the finished article.
Hopefully this post will live up to your expectations!

Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
Looking good! The green is a nice addition!
Thanks, I also think so. It's the chosen colour for the 4th company and it's nice to get it in on some more soldiers to get that message across. Red – green – purple works well in tandem.

Originally Posted by Scathainn View Post
Excellent work as usual.
Although I will be the first to admit I'm hoping your IA10 copy gets there quick-like.
Enough of these pansy bird warriors, on with the manly Space Sharks!

I sense your mind is clouded by love for grey toothy sharky men. You shall have your fix soon enough. Personally I'm all itchy, I'd like the book in my hands now and I'd also like to see the character releases they promised for the book (Space Shark terminator character <3) going to have to put in another FW order very soon after their release. I'd also love it if they made a CC weapon kit so I can change my units up a bit (I'd love some different chainswords and what not) but that might just be wishlisting...


I've heard them say that some Astarte have steel running through their veins. Apparently this would explain an affinity for machinery and creation. As if such attributes where to be simple given bodily functions one could command as if lifting an arm or blinking your eye. But we know, the Brothers of the Emblazoned Feather know. What has been given to us is a blessing, but not one of genetics or mystical power over machines but rather an affinity for beauty and passion which leads us to dwelve deeper into the crypts of technology where we find the knowledge needed to craft the very machines and tools of war that lends us, as a chapter, the power to dominate our enemies. With this love we bind ourselves to each and every creation and they respect us for it. We share spirit and if we die they grieve for us until we are reborn, and should they perish we rebuild them in order to let them serve once again.
- Flamen Minoris, Haeteor, of the Emblazoned Feather.

The Machine cult of the Blood Angels have a tense relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus because of their reluctance to surrender the Baal Predator to them. This tense relation have been passed on to all of their Successors meaning they have to rely on other supply routes for a continuance of machines and equipments. Most of them therefore have a highly capable and self-sufficient Techmarine staff. The Brethren of the Phoenix share this trait, and their subdivision of techmarines call themselves the Emblazoned Feather. Within this organisation is a hierarchic cult containing of a few supreme leaders, called Flamen Majoris of the Emblazoned Feather, which rule and oversee a large number of skilled artisans and craftsmen, called Flamen Minoris of the Emblazoned Feather. These Flamen Minoris serve as advisers to commanders in battle and are always present in campaigns in order to maintain a respectable level of functionality in armoury and weaponry.

Flamen Minoris, Haeteor, of the Emblazoned Feathers

Shown here with standard servo-arm equipment. Along his belt you can see extra shells for his rogue trader bolt pistol (it is common that Flamen Minoris carry particulary ancient and revered equipment into battle since they are one of the few able to maintain them), these particular rounds are colour coded yellow. This tells us that they are in fact signal rounds containing a mixture of reactive elements which produce illumination used either as a visual aid during combat or to signal for reserves or artillery to home in on, though most often they are used only as a reserve or backup option to more conventional methods of signalling. Amongst the Brethren it is always the Flamen that are responsible to carry such extra equipment - yet all marines are trained to use them correctly should the Flamen fall casualty.

Other equipment worth noticing would be the melta fuel canister, not to be mistaken by a meltabomb since it's lacking a trigger mechanism (even if it's possible to improvise such a device should the need arise). Emblazoned have an tendency to carry a lot of extra equipment into battle, Haeteor has in this case brought along extra fuel for the squads meltagunners. Fuel like this can also be used to inject into their Razerbacks system for added bursts of speed, should it be necessary.

Note the Cogwheel pattern, which is the symbol of the Emblazoned Feather, alongside the company number 4, which every brother of the Emblazoned Feather have to indicate their duality in duties. These cogwheel patterns are repeated on his armour (hard to see in these pictures) along with other minor artwork painted on by the marines themselves to indicate seniority and experience.


Here's the current status of the Honour Guard Squad:


Now that Haeteor is done I can move on to the Painting Challenge Baal Predator so hopefully you'll be seeing some painting in progress pictures of that soon along with another honour guard marine perhaps. Other then that I have my perpetual box of started conversions and projects to gnaw on.

C&C are welcomed as always!

Till next time

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