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I can completely understand the rant and anger. You used to get some really cool looking boards and scenery pictures and articles in White Dwarf magazine. It gave the customer ideas and different themes that a person could use to design and make their own stuff. Sometimes people need a bit of inspiration or visual assistance when they are making their own board or scenery pieces and WD had some good stuff for a person to use as such. It was also just plain nice to see really cool and special stuff for the sheer joy of looking at it!
The hobby aspect (the scratch building of scenery and tables mainly) has been redefined by GW as simply the realm of battle board and their plastic scenery kits. Gone are the truly imaginative and unique scenery and tables that made not only WD articles but the entire warhammer hobby more unique and special from the company that made and sold the stuff you liked.
The realm of battle board and prefab scenery has made the GW and WD staffers lazy and they rely solely on the board and scenery for everything now and it has become stale and annoying. I get your rant and I feel your pain. But, I haven't bought a WD in well over a decade so I am not affected.

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