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Default I am Zalzasatrean the last vampire

I am Zalzasatrean the last Vampire

‘In the beginning God created… and life fallowed.

In the end man created… and death fallowed.

How cold this world has become. The end of all things is drawing near. Cold days of winter approach and the hearts of men decay. Silence fallows in death’s wake and the end of all things draws nigh.

The blood of a trillion humans spills like a never ending river through the valleys and fills the low places like the forming of lakes that in the due course of time grow ever deeper and spread ever farther until the lakes have been overwhelmed and the forming of oceans begin.

The voices of a trillion souls scream out from the walls of eternity…their echoes resounding from the beginning to the end of all things.

Here in the silence…hidden behind the veil and blind, deaf and dumb, humanity wages never ending war within a never ending universe…darkened by the vain attempts to gain what some would believe is total power but in reality is the parody of greatness…that will slip from one generation’s hands to the next like the grasping of water or air in the untrained hands of children!

I have lived long enough to know this and have striven from the conception of understanding in my own mind to gain that power. Not the power to only wound beat or kill the flesh… but the power to hold ones soul captive for eternity.

What once was the beginning of the end has now become the end of the beginning. I misunderstood and underestimated my opponent and now I suffer for it.

I am alone and shall be, I think…until the end of time. What is mortality to a being like me? I am what humanity would call immortal…I cannot die.

That has always been a blessing and a curse…a double edged sword. Before my captivity I subdued worlds and lived off of the blood of the living. Within my veins I still feel his blood screaming out…longing for freedom.

Oh yes, blood screams. It also speaks and sings and cries and brings such joy one could never explain it fully.

You are most likely all wondering who I am. Who is it that is telling this story? You most likely think that I am a god or some deity bent on revenge or caught in the trap of self loathing or the memories of the past.

Maybe at one time I could have been described as that. Certainly at one time I had deluded myself into believing that I was a god.

I am immortal…I cannot die. I can kill with little more than a thought. I can move faster than most men can even see. I am a shadow that consumes the night.

I have tasted of the blood of the Emperor of mankind…his blood-voice still echoes through my every cell.

But in truth…I am not a god nor have I ever been one. I am a vampire. What is the difference? A God is worshipped or feared or both. I am not worshiped; no, I am only feared.

I will tell you who I am later, when it does me well to tell you. Ha, Ha! I can read your mind, your every thought and you are afraid. I can smell your blood and I long for it Space marine! I long for it.

Draw near to meeee; come near to my mouth and listen to my words. I cannot hurt you. I am a captive held within the confines of your void-shields. What could I possibly do to you? I am alone, but you are not. I can see them out there in the shadows and I know they watch my every move. I will not disappoint them.’

Time has passed. I know it has. They move me in the light of day, confined with psycher shields and void-shields. They take no chances with me…they are afraid.

I can smell it in their blood and hear the blood-song within the beating of their double hearts.

They know their armor cannot protect them from me. Space Marines do not fear…they are not capable of the emotion.

That is a lie. The blood of the Emperor flows within my veins and I torment the spirit of his blood daily and have done so for ten thousand years. If the Blood of the Emperor can scream than so can yours Space Marine.

You wish for me to shut my mouth and stop filling your nights and days with fear? Oh I will shut my mouth but you will not enjoy my silence either.

In the silence I listen for the sound I have been longing for…but it does not come. I have done my best to play upon their fears, but they are more disciplined than the others.

In the silence I showed them their worst fears and allowed them to hear the captive screams from the souls that I have consumed…but they do not succumb to my torments.

In the transport they take me, by the light of day to meet the Inquisition. I am not afraid. I am not tormented by the thought of that. I have invaded the minds of countless thousands and made them turn upon each other. Whole armies, both xenos and human have fallen at the very sound of my voice.

What is it about these souls that do not flinch before me? I truly underestimated them.

Upon the human world I walked among them, I was one of them. They did not know or even care that I was there. They were sheep before me…prey that knew not that they were prey. One would die and I would live on. I walked among them and consumed them all until there were none…than I would leave and seek another world.

I walked among the Space Marines of the Iron Fists chapter and they knew it not. I was among them in their very midst!

Upon their ship I sought them out one by one until they were all but dust within their precious armor.

One time, I allowed myself to be seen by them before I slipped once again into the shadows and stalked them from behind, beneath, above and before.

I did so to test them…to their credit they did not retreat or even show any fear. Instead they quoted scriptures and songs and yelled ‘The Emperor protects!’

Their blood still screams within my veins as their torment never ends.

Upon the Icy fields of Abalone I walked. I saw them from afar… the Chaos armies of the Iron Warriors. They marched onward through the ice and snow, but did not seem to even feel it.

The Imperial Guard were dreadfully overmatched and were sure to be overrun…but in a feeling of … Kindness I chose to advance upon the ranks of the impure.

The night was long, cold and dark for them, but to me it was a fleeting moment of elation.

They fought hard against each other, each believing they were their own enemies and I laughed as their minds were consumed by my words. In the winds I sent my words and infected their minds with terror.

In their panic they turned upon one another even as I sought them out.

Four-hundred-thousand bodies still lay frozen upon the ice laden fields of Abalone while the Imperial Guard still rest behind their walls not knowing just how close their lives were to ending.

The blood of the Chaos army still shivers within my cells and the very core of my being.

Blood! It calls out to me and I must come to it. I must…cradle it as a loved one cradles her new-born baby. I can hear it calling out in the night and feel it as it moves past in the day. I must have it! I MUST HAVE IT NOW!

I charge the void-shield and reap the benefits of pain.

I reach out with my mind but the psycher in the transport next to me groans under his stress, yet smiles as he controls my mental outburst.

The Space Marine in gray looks over to the psycher and asks if she is safe.

She nods and says she is well. Now I will play a new game. I smile at her through the void-shield, through its ghost-red glow. She can see me with her inner eye.

I can feel her restraining thoughts upon me and I push back gently upon her own psyche…probing for weakness.

The hours go by and our minds are engaged with words that none other can hear. She groans and cries within as I seek to wear her down.

The giant in gray begins to watch her but can do nothing. This is a battle that he cannot wage…a battle that rests upon this woman’s failing discipline.

At long last she crumbles and screams as her fears overwhelm her and her mind breaks under my foul spell. Her eyes bleed as she claws them out. But her suffering and my pleasure do not last long as the Space Marine outside the void-shield mercifully shoots her one time in the chest.

Now with the psycher out of the way I send my thoughts toward the warrior before me. He turns slowly and just watches me, but says nothing, but the pain I feel is not his but mine as the psychic force I used on him bounces back and slams me to the floor.

I am weakened by the force of it and struggle to calm myself. I think back to a better time when the weak struggled beneath my gaze and the foolish sought to end my life.

How fleeting is time that others pay attention to it?

I am startled that at this very moment I am very aware of the passing of time. I wonder if it is running out for me.

‘I am Zalzasatrean! I am the last vampire!’ I scream.

The Gray Knight looks back at me and says. ‘Yes you are the last vampire. Soon there shall be no more.’

In rage I scream but he hears it not. I am aware for the first time in ten thousand years of something that I have not felt…fear.
It is not his but mine. I am afraid.

I grapple with this emotion for the first time in eons and struggle to wrestle it to the never-place that it came from, but it will not go. I am alone and for the first time since I partook of the Emperor’s blood it does not scream but laughs.

The Gray Knights have found me and now my time has come. I laugh at the thought of it.

I am the one that taught the worlds to fear.

I am the one that trapped the souls of man and hold them within my blood.

I am the one who treads upon the gods of Chaos and taught the Emperor to scream.

When they came for me it was in the day. I was at my weakest, for with their coming the shadows fled away. My skin began to burn as they pulled me from my crypt and my screams echoed in my ears as they confined me in the light.

I lashed out at them with all the force that I could but they overwhelmed me and laughed as they loaded me upon the transport.

I once believed I was a god. I believed that I was the god. I believed that none could touch me or look me in the eye. I believed that the worlds were mine and mine alone to control and to consume.

I was wrong.

I can feel the night around me now. I can feel my strength growing more. They will be the weaker ones and I will be the stronger. They shall fall before me and I shall consume their souls. I can feel the night and hear the torments of mankind. Their blood shall be my strength.

Time marches on.

The transport stops and I hear voices behind me as the doors open up. Moonlight enters and so does the Inquisitor backed by more Gray Knights.

The void-shield drops and I move without hesitation.

What fool would drop a void-shield when their death rests on the other side?
My body collapses into the shadows and I move towards the door.

My body jerks to a standstill and for a moment I am in such pain that I cannot even scream.

When I awaken I am on the floor…restrained in the confines of the void-shield once more. With venom in my voice I lash out at the man before me but he doesn’t even flinch.

‘I am Zalzasatrean!’

The Inquisitor nods his head as if in acceptance and leans over a little bit before saying, ‘I am your death, vampire… I pleased to meet you.’

In a flash I remember the woman that seduced me ten thousand years before and blessed me with this foul curse.

I speak aloud before my dying breath, ‘What death I have felt as I looked into her eyes…those beautiful black eyes; the fire in her pupils…the perfume of her breath.

Sweet death! What hold thou doest have on me? What hold I give to thee when I run into those gentle arms and am caressed by her deep distain?

Save me now, oh sweet lady of the tomb! Save me now!

My soul does falter at thy beauty… at the touch of your alabaster skin; your touch…so soft…your kiss so sweet.

Your change does come over thee but I carest not as thy flesh does fall from your bones and your blood turns to smoke.

Now I am lost and my soul does writhe in agony as I struggle to pull away; but alas I cannot, for I am enslaved to her!

Oh the cost of lust! Yes the reward of passion!

Behold the coldness of the grave I share with thee.’

At the ending of my prayer the Inquisitor says one of his own.

‘You who have partaken of the Emperor’s own blood; you who have laughed and killed our own… I curse you to the grave and beyond. You are excommunicate now and forever more!’

Upon his last word the void-shield fell once more, but I could not move. The last thing I saw before I died was my body still standing as my head rolled away.

Am I really dead? If I was dead…how could I tell you of this story?

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