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I don't know if you guys in the US have such a thing, but in the UK we have Car boot sales (second hand market in a huge field) where people just sell all their old stuff.

Managed to pick this lot up in a couple of toolboxes, themselves worth more than I paid for the whole lot. :

12 Khrone berserkers
33 chaos space marines
4 chaos space marine bikes
1 demon prince
5 metal chaos space marine terminators
5 plastic chaos space marine terminators
1 abbadon the despoiler

13 plastic space marines
5 metal black templar sword brethren
1 metal black templar chapter master
1 metal apothecary
1 metal banner barer
1 random metal space marine with bolter and auspex
2x metal techmarines (one with full servo harness)
3x metal neophytes/scouts
2x plastic dreadnought
1x forgeworld black templar dreadnought
1x drill combat arm for dreadnought (forgeworld)
1x Mk1 whirlwind

1x necron codex
1x necron monolith
10x necron warriors
3x scarab swarms
4x flayed ones
1x res orb lord (from huge boxset from ages ago)
1x wraith

All in all worth over £600, awesome deal. (I payed £20)

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