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I use the strong tone - It seems to work really well execpt on things painted with a lot of white (ie, large white pieces, little things look good)... For the pieces I use the dip on and want to paint white... I just went back over it (a good example is in my Marines plog... The Grey Knight - the white and the purity seals looked too close, so I had to go back over the white and then hit with devlan mud, badab black, and a little highlighting...)

I don't actually dip them... I paint it on like a wash... so I haven't even made a dent in it.

With the magic wash... I think it's the same thing really... but it saves me from having to experiment to find the right one... so $30 seemed worth it...

Also, in terms of time saving... It really just means that I can skip the wash and highlight stage for most stuff... I might drop a highlight here and there to make something pop a little better... but for the most part, it's just a matter of painting them a little brighter to start with and staying in the lines...

Here's a pic of a high elf my buddy block painted and then gave to me for experimentation.... I used strong tone on him and kept it pretty light during the application... unfortuantly, I don't have a before pic... cause I was excited to get him done and didn't think... but there was no shading or highlighting on him at all... Link


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