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Ok, a few more shots. I haven't gotten much done lately, no time to paint. But here are more photos of what is slowly progressing.

First up, my son's High Elves. Can I say that I hate these models? The have so many details! All those stupid gems, little buttons, etc, etc... Man, they are killing me!

These will have the same general scheme as the Hero above.

A Warrior Sentinel:

A warrior:

The standard bearer:

Pointy-eared death!

And the start of som WE Eternal Guard.

Group shot:

An EG:

A Noble:

Armor detail:

And some Empire.

A Swordsman:

The musician:

The sarge:

And the standard bearer:

The sword line:

As much as I don't like the High elves, I really, really dislike the state Troops. Who carries an hourglass into battle? The guy who designed these was never an infantryman, that is for sure... They are so time-consuming I am debating even taking them to 1,000 points. Maybe a nice skellie army instead. We shall see.

Obviously, all these are WIP. Comments and ctiques are welcome and needed!

KT out

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