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Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
Just went through your thread and my jaw dropped at every new image! You have some serious talent! +rep
thanks, it's mostly not talent though, it's mostly practise.

Originally Posted by aquatic_foible View Post
I love this piece, sir. Stunning work! It reminds me a lot of some renaissance portraiture work I've seen [can't call to mind any artists names - I have no memory when it comes to these things!] - was that sort of work an influence at all? If so, any pieces in particular.

Also, out of curiosity - is this a digital piece, or is it hand painted? Or a mixture of the two? +rep
Yes, I always leaned towards the classical painters, ranging throughout the times (from Zurbaran to Flemish Primitives to Carravaggio. The difference nowadays is that I'm beeginning to "get it" so to speak, so I can actually paint the way I want more and more.

This is pure digital.
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