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Default H: tau army and other 40K W: eldar CSM

hey there, i have a small tau army, here is what i have.

1 devilfish(burst cannon, 2 gun drones, painted, custom base)
X2 12 man fire warrior squads(1 painted 1 not,)
1 12 man squad of kroot( assembled not painted)
X2 crisis battle suits( missle pod, plasma rifle,1 missing a leg,1 primed black 1 painted)
1 ethereal(in the beginning steps of painting)
1 converted sniper squad(not painted some are primed)
1 3 man stealth team(primed, 2 painted, 1 with fusion blaster)
1 newest ED tau codex

i want to trade this army as a whole, but will part fro the right offer.
AOBR dred(badly painted)
5 man assualt marine squad(painted as raven guard)
SM bits(power fist and twinlinked lascannon from razorback.)
drop pod.(dont really want to trade this, but i might if i have to)

vampire counts(new ED)
new IG

vampire counts:
20 zombies(all of the skin is painted, 1 is painted completely and 1 is painted as a "ghoul")

2 nurgling bases
chaos bits(melta gun,plasmagun, heavy bolter power fists ETC.just ask)

all of the battle for skull pass goblins and some of the dwarves

now for my wants (in order)
Eldar troops
Eldar vehicles
Chaos marines
Chaos vehicals
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