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BEAST-OF-WAR Super-Heavy Tank

BEAST-OF-WAR Super-Heavy Tank
Models to be used: 2 Land Raiders, 2 Land Raider Crusaders, 2 Chaos Warriors Hell Cannons, spare bits & parts.
Type: Tank
Size: Warmachine
AV: 14/14/14
BS: 3
Structure Points: 3
Speed: Lumbering
Transport Capacity: 21 models
4x Sponson-Mounted Twin-Linked Lascannon
2x Sponson-Mounted Hurricane Bolters (6x Twin-Linked Boltguns)
2x Hull-Mounted Twin-Linked Assault Cannons
1x Turret-Mounted Long-Barrelled Twin-Linked Demolisher Cannon
-2x Pintle-Mounted Havoc Launchers
2x Pintle-Mounted Multi-Melta
Daemonic Possession (BS penalty included in Profile)
Assault Vehicle
Frag Launchers

COST: 750pts

6th Ed. Tournament Log:
Slaanesh Chaos Marines Tourney list 0/0/0
Nurgle Chaos Marines list 0/0/0
Winner of Greek 40K GT 2009 (Chaos Space Marines)

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