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Originally Posted by Culler View Post
Thought people might like to see what I'm playing with at the moment with my Orks, which is a kan wall. It's had very good success, and is about as good as it gets for non-mechanized Orks. I call it a casualpetitive list, since IMO the strongest competitive Ork lists are battlewagon spam lists, especially given tournament time restraints.

Big Mek with Kustom Force Field and 'eavy armour 90
Big Mek with Kustom Force Field and 'eavy armour 90

Fairly effective for obvious reasons, but they don't really need the EA.
Unless they are just filler points, in which case may as well.

15x Lootas 225
15x Lootas 225

I would seriously consider splitting these into 3 units of 10.
That way you wont have wasted shots when you make a transport explode 3 times from 1 round of shooting, and it will allow you to fire at 3 different targets.

30x Shoota Boyz with 3 big shootas and Nob with power klaw 230
30x Slugga Boyz with Nob with power klaw 215
21x Shoota Boyz with 2 big shootas and Nob with power klaw and bosspole 170

Only thing i can suggest is dropping the EA off the Big Meks and dropping a couple of Gretchin to get the 3rd unit closer to 30 Boyz.

18x Gretchin with Runtherd 64
Always a handy unit to have on the home objective, however i would consider dropping 3-4 to boost the 3rd unit of Boyz a little.

Heavy Support:
3x Killa Kans with rokkits 150
3x Killa Kans with rokkits 150
3x Killa Kans with grotzookas 135
Looks pretty good.
As above.

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