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Default What I'm currently working with -1750

Thought people might like to see what I'm playing with at the moment with my Orks, which is a kan wall. It's had very good success, and is about as good as it gets for non-mechanized Orks. I call it a casualpetitive list, since IMO the strongest competitive Ork lists are battlewagon spam lists, especially given tournament time restraints.

Big Mek with Kustom Force Field and 'eavy armour 90
Big Mek with Kustom Force Field and 'eavy armour 90

15x Lootas 225
15x Lootas 225

30x Shoota Boyz with 3 big shootas and Nob with power klaw 230
30x Slugga Boyz with Nob with power klaw 215
21x Shoota Boyz with 2 big shootas and Nob with power klaw and bosspole 170
18x Gretchin with Runtherd 64

Heavy Support:
3x Killa Kans with rokkits 150
3x Killa Kans with rokkits 150
3x Killa Kans with grotzookas 135

The basic plan is the same as any kan wall; boyz behind the kans with the KFF giving the kans 4+ cover and the kans giving everything behind 4+ cover. The formation is highly effective due to the mutual support and tough due to the mutual cover. The rest of my army fights, the gretchin win my games. They do their job of sitting on an objective or two admirably and cheaply. The lootas enable the otherwise slow formation to reach out and touch transports and other high priority targets. Land raiders and battlewagons are effective against this army like against every ork army because it can't do anything about them at range. Luckily, land raiders aren't that effective against the average army since melta is always around and the walkers are at least good at handling whatever comes out of land raiders and at killing the land raiders themselves.
The combination of the kans and the boyz behind to counter-assault anything that comes at the formation makes it very resistant to assault troops. I'll often split the formation into a strong group to go after the opponent's main body and a weaker group to go after other objectives, or whatever as changing conditions require.

To change to 1850, I add a deff dread. To go up to 2k, a second deff dread and fill out the third boyz mob to 30. Though, adding a third loota mob is fun. Snikrot kommandos were what I used to use instead of more lootas, but lately I'm finding that the lootas are much more consistently useful, especially turn 1 or 2 when kommandos might not even be on the board.

Anyway, it's a lot of fun to play, and might be interesting for people to look at.
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