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As Culler said, he is absolutely garbage in melee, against anything. He has a single attack (sure it's a nifty attack) and only does good supporting other troops. I can't think of a single unit in the game (even grots) that couldn't mop him up in melee combat.

As always, how to get there...

Or do you need to?

This guy supports other units, so most of the time I just end up ignoring him until the oppertunity arrives. He's really not a threat on his own whatsoever. And most of his powers augment units in certain ways; shooting, saves, etc. I end up trying to combat his powers in the opposite ways; CC the giuded shooters, ignore the fortuned squad for a round, etc.

But one thing I learned the hard way, Psychic Powers against Eldar, especially Eldrad, are pointless. Don't rely on them; even if you get the awsome Gift of Chaos off on him, it's better to load up on Anti-Psyker gear. And since you have BA, you have more than enough at your disposal to match him.

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