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Default Death Company Kill Team

Here is a kill team im going to make for a kill team tourny using the old 4th edition rules:

Brother Apheal-Death Company Marine with thunder hammer
Apheal scummed to the black rage on the eve of battle against the evil suns tribe
Brother Zoreal-Death Company Marine with power weapon and infernus pistol
Brother Sergeant Zoreal was found with glazed eyes after slaying an ork warboss and his bodyguard
Brother Sebastian-Death Company Marine with bolter
Sebastian hasn't been quite right for some weeks now, it was only a matter of time before he was induced into the death company
Brother Lukas-Death Company Marine with bolt pistol and chainsword
Lukas has only been a mighty blood angel for 20 years but, the black rage doesn't care for age
Brother Zafir-Death Company Marine with bolter
Zafir was once a member of the first company, singled out for command but, all that change one night as the black rage claimed him

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