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Default 40K on a Budget

We all know Warhammer 40k can be an expensive hobby. Certainly, if you buy your entire army at Games-Workshop’s prices, you will be out several hundred of your local currency for even a small army (tens of thousands for our friends in the land of the rising sun.) This thread is my collected wisdom for how to acquire 40k models on the cheap, and hopefully others will add their collective wisdom as well so that we have a good go-to resource for buying.

First, most important thing, Games Workshop is a great place to browse, but buying direct from them is the most expensive route there is. I do not buy anything I can find anywhere else from GW.

My go-to place for buying 40k models is Ebay. There are many well-established sellers with great reputations (you can see the feedback they’ve gotten, buying from sellers with a poor feedback history or not much feedback history is much more of a risk) and I have had nothing but good experiences with this route. There are also normal users that sell their armies through Ebay. These sellers are a little more of a risk to buy from and the quality is frequently not as good, but I have personally had good experiences with these sellers as well.

There are some good online retailers as well who typically sell at a discount from GW’s price. I put the country they’re located in as well though most if not all of these ship internationally hassle-free.

Bits and Kits (UK)(varying deep discounts, but typically only carry bits, rarely full kits) http://www.bitsandkits.co.uk/

Wayland Games (UK)(10-20% discount) http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/games-...40k/cat_4.html

The War Store (US)(20% discount) http://www.thewarstore.com/warhammer40k.html

Triple Helix Games (UK)(10-20% discount) http://www.triplehelixwargames.co.uk...ts.php?subId=3

I haven’t personally used any of these retailers except Bits and Kits, with whom I have had several excellent experiences.

You can also get a 40k army on the cheap by converting inexpensive models like the ones that come in the assault on black reach box (orks and space marines) or other sources. These models are in abundant supply and are plastic, so can be found on Ebay or other people locally might be willing to trade them cheaply, and then can be converted to what you need by buying ‘bits’, either through people you know, at conventions where bits boxes are usually set up by army, online auctions, and through online retailers such as Bits and Kits.

Both as the writer of this article and a 40k player I’m interested in hearing what ways other people have found to save money as well, so please share!

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