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Thanks for the positive feedback (And the rep )

Cult troops should be elites, I said that quite early on in my post. On the subject of Cultist HQs, I think that that should be an option in the Imperial Guard army list rather than the Chaos Space Marines codex. That allows them more options and more scope for anybody who wants a cultist army. It also means that you don't have to re-print all the stats.

I think that all special characters should be squad upgrades. Similar to a retinue prinicpal, if the squad dies then the upgrade character becomes and independant character. Abaddon is an upgrade for a squad of Chaos Terminators that have been taken as Troops (Forcing you to take the Black Legion upgrade). Special Characters may only be taken when you have the Mark of their Legion in your army. The SCs may take these marks but they gain no personal benefits. Lucius is a noise Marine upgrade, Ahriman a Thousand Sons upgrade, and Typhus as a Death Guard Terminators upgrade. Kharn is a special case, being a loner, so he just requires on squad of Berzerkers as troops in the army. They should provide boons to the unit they're in:

Typhus: Gives all the Terminators in the squad Defensive and Offensive Grenades (Destroyer Plague), 4+ Poisoned attacks and the Feel No Pain rule. They have their initiative decreased by 2 as they are sluggish due to the plagues ravaging their bodies.

Lucius: Gives the unit the rule 'Acute Senses' and +2 Initiative.

Ahriman: The unit of Thousand Sons that is accompanying Ahriman is exempt from the Slow and Purposeful rule (As Ahriman is suc a powerful sorceror he can increase the magical energy animating them by a significant amount). They also gain the special rule 'Relentless'.

Abaddon: The unit of Chaos Terminators he accompanies gains +1 WS and LD (As they are true veterans of the black legion, drawn from the few survivors of the Sons of Horus 1st company).

Vastakel Khyre: The unit of Chaos Terminators he accompanies gains +1 WS (As they are hardened warriors from the Eye).

Vastakel Khyre is a toned-down Abaddon, for smaller points games. No stats yet, but I will make some. Mark my words!

Possessed are as follows:
Possessed Marine:
WS: 4
BS: 4
S: 4
T: 4
W: 1
I: 4
A: 2
Ld: 10
Sv: 3+
Pts: 16
2 Close Combat Weapons, Frag Grenades
Power Weapon: 15pts per model
Power Fist: 25pts per model
Rending Claws: 10pts per model
Breath of Chaos (Flamer): 5pts per model
Wings: 20pts per model
Daemon Strength (+1 Strength): 5pts per model
Fleet: 10pts per model
Unholy Resilience (+1 Toughness): 10pts per model
Blessings of the Blood God (May only be taken in a World Eaters army, +1 Attack and Furious Charge): 10pts per model
Pain Bringers (May only be taken in an Emperor's Children army, +1 Initiative and Rending Claws): 15pts per model
Unwholesome (May only be taken in a Death Guard army, +1 Toughness and Feel No Pain): 15pts per model

That's all I've got so far.


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