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I have some good IRL news:
Got the results from all of the 4 exams I took recently and I've passed them all! I should actually have some more time to paint in the coming 2-3 months! AWESOME!


Originally Posted by Warpetrie View Post
ohh ok cool thanks! ^_^

Originally Posted by Scathainn View Post
Corbulo perhaps?
Originally Posted by warsmith7752 View Post
It can't be Corbulo, it's the brethren of the phoenix not blood angels, if anyone is interested I'm writing a short story about a clash between my army (the Scale Wardens) and xenobotics Brethren.
Originally Posted by Scathainn View Post
Well, I meant a count-as Corbulo...
It could be a counts as Corbulo (he is pretty whoopass, I wish every sanguinary priest had a 2+ FNP and a rending chainweapon (axes :3)) yet to be named, but for now this marine will have a less significant roll (yet still important in the army game wise).


My name is Atheos of the Twin-feather. I am an Exemplar of the 4th company of the Brethren of the Phoenix and a Servant of the Master-Exemplar, the Keeper of the Embers. I have served for countless decades as a warrior and a refuge for those wounded and killed. The things I have seen go beyond mortal believes and the hardships I have endured with my Brethren would surely have killed the weak minded outright. I have served in many great battles as a liaison and a diplomatic link between the Brethren and other chapters. My aim is to embody the very believes we as a chapter, as a force, share and fight to uphold.

May our Embers burn bright as the darkness of the universe descends upon mankind! For the Emperor! For mankind! For our Brethren! May we be reborn!

- Exemplar Atheos of the Twin Feather, Servant of the Master-Exemplar, Keeper of Embers.
Some say it a blessing, others believe that the Twin-feather is some kind of secret society within the chapter structure, possibly meant to combat signs of doubt in the mind of the warriors - perhaps yet another tool in the combat versus corruption. There are close relations of those whom are Twin-Feathers and the Exemplars of the Chapter, for reasons unknown to most Brethren. Some brothers are sceptic to this assumption about a secret society seeing as the number of Twin-Feathers reach approximately a tenth of the chapters numbers it would be hard to sustain such an organisation without their agenda leaking out to the fellow Brethren. Truth be told, many of the Twin-Feathered battle brothers themselves do not know fully what the true secret behind the name is.

While there always are flickers of truth in assumptions most of them elude the facts. Twin-Feather is a mutation within some the Brethrens gene seed that enable them to be implanted with two differing seeds, most spectacular is the fact that they can be implanted with different gene seeds (such as one from a Brethren and one from an Ultramarine). While the Brethren gene seed appears to be dominant the other one stays all but dormant within the marine but still, for unknown reasons, manage to create Progenoid Glands with seeds of it's own lineage. The effectively not only doubles the amount of gene seeds available to the chapter but also enables them to become incubators for other chapters, making Twin-Feathers very valuable (but still frowned upon by some chapters and the inquisition). Speculations have been made as to how this was discovered in the first place (what goes on in the secrecy of the Exemplars chambers are not something spoken of), but records have been sealed on that matter.

Another interesting aspect often utilized by the Brethren themselves is to implant a normal Brethren seed into marines with the Twin-Feathered mutation, giving them access to more mature seeds to harvest later on. This has birthed the spiritual aspect of being able to carry a "Twin-Ember" increasing the chances of regaining knowledge from their fallen Brethren.

This mutation would later on prove pivotal for the survival of the chapter as well as their longevity and cooperation with other chapters in campaigns in which they would partake.

Exemplar Atheos of the Twin Feather, 4th Company; Servant of the Master-Exemplar, Keeper of Embers.

What are my thoughts on painting this miniature (so far)?
I think I'm starting to push the limit I'm willing to spend on a single miniature (which is the reason I haven't painted any text on the purity seal papers yet). I believe this particular miniature has approached 15 hours (give or take an hour or two). I am, however, pleased with the new red armour I've achieved, it does look superb in person. Oh, and I'm loving the chainaxes even thought they are quite a lot of work to get on the miniatures (cutting up other arms, using their hands, drilling the handles, pinning everything together). I'll have to go back later on and clean up the base and smaller details.

Feel free to comment.


What's up otherwise with the Brethren of the Phoenix?

We're closing in on the year 2011 and the Army Painting Challenge which I will participate in with my Brethren. I've decided I need to complete my armoury in a timely fashion and I think it would be awesome to get 10-11 vehicles done over the course of a year (all with huge amounts of free hands of course, so you don't feel like I'm taking the easy way out in the challenge ).

If you're interested in a list on what my unpainted armoury contains it looks something like this:
Vindicator x 3 (Linebreaker Squadron)
Baal Predator x 3 (??? Squadron)
Drop Pod x 3
Predator Annihilator
Dreadnoughts x 3
Rhino/Razerback x 2
Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider
Knight Warden

Total: 20 unpainted vehicles. Impressive, no? It sure is a buttload of cash in unpainted miniatures.

On the subject of infantry I'll try to keep my focus up and get as much as possible painted alongside the "armoury". Hopefully getting about 30-40 marines done within the next 6 months for the Brethren. The list for future infantry squads can be made pretty long and recently I've started to dislike painting them (not a good combination).

To rekindle my love for infantry painting I've been thinking about a good way to represent The Red Thirst "miniaturewise" and I believe I might have something which I'll be starting to convert up and see if I can make use of it later on - actual miniatures you exchange in the squadron to visualize the rule (one member per squadron effected).


What's up with the Space Shark Successors?

With the prototype sergeant being completed I've settled on a painting scheme and started to flesh out what elements I'd like that army to contain. I'm thinking I'll let this army have a slower pace (probably to some contempt from some of you guys) since I want to make them truly stand out and convert each marine at least a little bit to make them special.

I'm anticipating IA10 greatly since it will influence my choices for that army. I might actually consider getting some terminators for them (seeing as how their special character will have a terminator armour).

To sum up: I'm building the 2 tactical squads and I'll be converting up a MotF but not actively painting any of them until IA10 drops through my mail slot - then who knows?


Till next time

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