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More painting details.

The Bretonnians had to pink and purple, my daughter's orders. I tried to argue, but she insisted, and her only concession was to let me use green, too. She is six, and is pretty sure everything should be pink and purple, and all shades thereof. Geeze.

The cloth is painted with Vallejo heavy green or purple. Then they are layered with either Roal purple or Dark Green. Highlights are Hexed Lichen or a mix of Dark Green and Scorpy green.

Skin is Basic skintone with a heavy Sepia ink wash. No highlight. They are dirty peasants after all.

Armor is painted with Gunmetal, washed black. It leaves a nice, dark, tarnished-looking metal color. Other metals are painted with Hammered Copper, I think. No shiny gold for these poor guys.

Leather is painted in one of several browns. Highlights with a lighter brown.

The shields are painted with heavy purple and Squid Pink. I know, I know... The edges are the same as the armor. The back is painted Charred Brown with a highlight of Cobra Leather. Decals applied as normal.

Bases are the same as the elf hero above. I am planning to paint all four armies with the same base technique. I will only use the grass tufts on heros and lords, and war machines because they are too expensve for every model.

The Empire Captain is painted as so:

Clothe with Imperial blue. Washed in black, highlighted with Imp. Blue again. He may need another highlight, I haven't decided.

Armor is Gunmetal, washed black, highlighted gunmetal. His armor isn't is shiny as that wuss elf, but cleaner than those dirty Brettonians.

Leather is mixed browns again.

Sash is painted bloody red, highlighted with a 2:1 mix of B Red and Orange Red.

Details are painted in bone white, Charred Brown, Gold and a couple others.

Base as above.

I have 16 High Elf spearman, seven Empire state troops with swords, and 10 Wood Elf Eternal Guard in various states of painting.

Built but not even primed yet are 16 Brettonian bowmen, 16 Wood Elf Glade Guard, 8 more state troops, 10 Empire Handgunners, 4 HE Spearman, and a couple random models.

Bought but still on the sprue are 16 HE Spearman (we are going for a block of 35), Empire Knightly Order box, WE Glade Rider box, Brettonian Knights box, and HE Silver Helms box. A Bret Battle Standard bearer, Bret Damsel, WE Standrd bearer, and a WE Spellsinger just showed up yesterday.

Wow. When I look at like that, I don't know when I will ever finish. In my next post I will outline my philosophy for how this is starting and the randomness of the minis.

KT out.
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