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I just may be the slowest painter in the entire gaming world, but here are some finished minis.

My son's High Elf Hero:

And the hero's shield:

Back detail:

I just realized that these pictures do not do justice to the mini. Sorry. It really is much better in real life.

My daughter's Men-at-Arms:

A close up:

The sargeant:

An Empire Captain:

About the painting.
All the colors are Vallejo Game colors.
All priming is done with Valspar light grey spray.
Vallejo washes kinda suck, IMO, so I need to order some Citadel washes.

The elf armor was painted silver, washed with a thin black, then dry brushed silver again. Elves are clean and shiny, and he looks it. The gold was painted, washed with Sepia ink, then highlghted gold. The blue is painted Night Blue, washed with a 1:1 mix of N. Blue and Black, then another blue layer is added. Highlights are a 1:1 mix of Night Blue and Shadow grey. I guess everthing is too subtle, so that is why it doesn't photograph well.

The flesh is Basic Skintone, washed with sepia ink, the highlighted with basic skintone.

The ahir/mane was painted 1:1 mix of Orange red and Beasty brown, washed with a heavy sepia wash, layed with the mix and then highlighted lightly with Ortange red. It is a close match to my son's red-brown hair, which he thinks is cool.

The gems are painted with Orange Red-Bloody Red mix, shaded with staight Bloody Red, highlighted with Orange Red, and the white dot. The got a spot of white, and of course, gloss varnish after a matte spray on the whole model.

I free handed the cloak edge and shield rune in white.

The base was painted with some cheap craft paint in dark brown. A Woodland Scenics green blend flock was added, along with a tuft of grass from somebody I can't remember.

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