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Default A Tale of Four Armies

This is a a tale of four Armies, One Builder-Painter, and Four Players. After a eight year hiatus from all things GW, I have gotten involved once more. earlier this year I built a game table, mostly for Flames of War, and decided it was time to teach my two kids about the joys of miniatures gaming. I figured if the wife got in as well, it would be a family activity, and family activities make for family harmony.

First I built the table. I was sure I hard more WIP pics, but this is all I can find.

Some of the materials:

Framing the board:

Painting the basic table. It is blue so we can use it for ship combat:

Oh, before I forget, this is a 4x6 table set about four feet high. Too high, as I found out, I will be making a box for the kids to stand on while they play... it is built out of 1x4s, and luan plywood. I built a basic box from the 1x4s, then glued and screwed the top piece down. The legs are each out of a 1x4 and a riped in half 1x4. I glued and screwed the two together to make a L-shaped leg for each corner. Then I bracd each corner with 1x2 stock bolted to legs and top frame. I added chuncks of 2x2 material with bolts in T-nuts for levelinf the table. All screws are counter sunk and filled. The top is painted a vague light blue, and the sides a a close equivelant to OD green.

The legs attached, and more painting in progress:

The table is now finished, and I have built six boards for the table. The table is just that, a table. I will be building 2x4 boards to cover the table with, so I can get nice relief in the landscaping. Each board is built from a 2x4 pice of luan plywood, reinforced on the long edges with a piece of 1x2 lathe ripped in half. The lathe pieces allow the most availble blue styrofoam at my local DIY to fit perfectly. The styrofoam the always carry is for basement insulating, and it is designed to go over lathe strips nailed to walls. And it comes in 2x8 sheets, so each sheet gives me two boards with one cut. Perfect.

Three of the six boards are for Flames of War and represent Utah Beach at WN 67.

The other three are just flat boards for Fantasy. I have about twenty pieces or terrain in various stages (need to take some pics) of construction. Next post and I get a few pics of minis in.
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