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So, to answer a few questions...

I did try to use that tabard that comes with the commander kit, but it didn't fit too well with the BA chest plate I gave him (after all, he needs abs!), so I just abandoned the idea and made a couple smaller ones on his sides with greenstuff. Then I did the same with the tactical marines, so it all works out.

No engine on the chariot? Well, that may be. I guess it runs on the same magic my Helblaster Volleygun Leman Russ Executioner runs on.
I will count it as a bike though. Originally, I planned on making a whole command squad on chariots with storm shields and power weapons/fists. It would have been fun and fluffy to use, but at over 500 points... I think I'll make that a project for after I've completed a 1500 point army!

Thanks for the feedback on the paintjob too. I guess my painting instincts paid off, lol.

With any luck, I'll be working on my tactical squads by next week sometime.
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