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Default 2000 point vanilla version 2.0 help please

Hey guys! New list with some modifications and some mistakes on my point totals taken out.

Chaplain Terminator armor

Venerable Dread 2xautocannons
Dread ML and TL Lascannons
5x Assault termies TH and SS

9xscouts +Telion 9xsniper rifles
10xTatical marines Plasma gun, plasma cannon, combiplasma
10xTatical marines meltagun, multimelta, combi melta

Landraider Redeemer multimelta, ex armor
Predator Autocannon HBs, and storm bolter
Predator TL Lascannon, Lascannons

2x rhinos <-for the taticals

total points=1807
so here I am with 193 points left over with. I was thinking about 2 land speeders tricked out with MMs and heavy flamers to deep strike with and either contest objectives with or pop some tanks. What do yall think? Or should i grab another HQ like a libby with some rocking gear?


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