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Thats a very cool idea. Very retro.

It might be a challenge to pull of the fluro colors when painting though.

Agreed the space marine bikes could look like light cycles if properly modded.

But what about weapons?

Unless you count the FPS game Tron 2.0, the weapons in Tron are supposed to be those frisbee disc things.

That would look kind of weird replacing all the bolters in a Space marine squad with frisbees.

Ultimate Frisbee in power armour anyone? ;)

Or perhaps you can only just make the grenades look like the frisbees. I remember the game Tiberian Sun had troops who used disc like grenades.

I think predators or leman russes or Baneblades would look more like the tanks from tron. The land raider is missing the big (fluro red colored) overhead cannon on the top.

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