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Update time! Been a while.

Firstly, I'm taking a break from the RC raider ATM, as the panel gaps were annoying me.

I felt it was a waste to chuck the top half of the sherman, so with the help of some plasticard I give you the chaos dominion assault vehicle. LR assault hatch, as I intend to use t.sons doors on the other one. Uses modified LR stats in apoc.

I also had spare tracks and a floor panel. So with the help of some lego for the superstructure, LR leftovers, some broadside SMS and a random dragon head I made this. Once again, for apocalypse use, as a chaos artillery piece (no name yet) using basilisk stats.

I also put together some chosen for my khone army. The halberds are magnetised so they can be easily packed in a case. Two meltas and some paint and the squads finished!

I also picked up some bloodletters on the cheap at a wargames fair, and nicked an old school thirster from my brother, who was goung to throw it away.

In addition, I managed to scrounge some cheap valerie wings which I'm going to use as the basis for some chaos fighters. I've removed the jet things on the end of the wings, as well as the feet attachment points to make them look sleeker. The second round of filler has been applied, and should hopefully be sanded within the next few days, then I've got the scratch build a fuesalage from plasticard. Pics when I've got somewhere with it!

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