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Yeah. I am not looking for a cc punch this is all about firepower. The Fear of the dark is more a utility for some of the units out there that are not fearless IE: Kroot(most troops),things I dont want to assault into cover or shoot off with guns. The are alot of units that even that fear will hurt. Its just for mid late game to use on some units holding objectives and such. The lance was what I was going with before upgrading some predators. Quick recap:

30 scoring power armor marines
12 vehicles
8 Heavy bolters
7 twin linked assault cannons
6 meltaguns
6 lascannons
2 twin linked plasmaguns
2 librarians putting out 5+ shield on everything and able to fear a unit.

This list scales down by dropping some razorback/assault marines or pred and scales up with your elite slots and getting some Termies in LR or taking some Honorguard and getting 2 more razorbacks.

Some may have missed some of this in the initial read.

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