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Well, the game didn't go so well.... It ended up being an annihilation mission and the chaos marine was instead chaos demons...

The Scouts died quickly to bloodletters after taking out only two...

My dreadnought could not pop Marneus Calgar out of his rhino, died in close combat with a demon prince...

My razorback was popped within close proximity to a drop podded dread... they had to charge into drop pod, and where thus killed by the dread behind it...

My librarian got to blood lances off, taking two men each pass... then the skulltaker hit him and insta-killed him on a 4 to wound... It is annoying that we have only one eternal warrior.... oh well

My RAS did manage to kill one squad of blood letters and a regular squad of marines

The 6 shots from the skimmer did their job each turn, but the melta bike wasted his one shot the chaos walker by getting a one on the damage chart...

Oh well... back to the drawing board

Tyranid battle saying: "Grrrrrr, Hiss, Grrrr, Drool, Grrr..."
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