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I don't understand why drazhar is so bloody expensive! I like the mini a lot and the fluff is great (I don't think there is a dark eldar in that old armor). Imo, this will be a weakness in your list dt his expense.

Troops are very thin, and not that hard hitting. Still, in pairs or en masse could do lots o damage. They remind me of the old DL/raider spam from third edition, and that was actually quite effective.

4 reavers with one blaster are not very hot. They will die quickly if they get shot or assaulted, and will not do a lot of damage to anything. I'm sure you could keep them from being destroyed by keeping them out of range/ in cover etc. , but to what purpose.
As a red herring i think they will just be ignored. I think go 6 with two blasters, or don't bother and beef up another/change to another unit.

Looks like a pretty good list, but I would prob take a dif HQ. Asdrubel, for a few points morel is just as survivable, has a shooty, and gives you better odds of going first. The duke would also be pretty good, beefing up a shooty and giving the option of dropping a ravager behind the opponent and better combat drugs for your wyches. (I still prefer asdrubel for what i think you were going for)

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