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Woho, over 200 replies, time for a celebration!
So, to honour this occasion and all the lovely support you guys have given me, this will probably be the longest post so far in this thread :D
I'd like to thank you all for the suggestions you've given me. It has truly spurred my imagination and given me lots of inspiration, more on that further down.


Originally Posted by LTP View Post
That is quite possibly the sexiest tank i have ever seen .
Really nice job there. What paints do you use?

Have some rep.
Just what the Brethren would want you to think, kind of the Slaanesh approach to warfare ”If they just stand there and stare at us in awe then they'll be easier to kill.”

I'm a ”home-boy” so I'm only using citadel paints (and washes, foundation paints, couldn't resist that Mega Paint Set, heh) along with vallejo paint thinner for longevity and Forge World Weathering Powders (Mostly Black Soot and Grey Ash) for when I need those effects.

Originally Posted by Tossidin View Post
On the more serious stuff, I didn't like the dozer blade at first. But then again it does make sense, and if you have seen me painting, you will know I really like it symmetrical and (more importantly) clean! I really need to learn to weather my models sometime....
So, I will go against myself and tell you to keep it as it is

On the tacticals, you know you want to paint them space wolves grey and yellow! Hehe. I would actually do what Azwraith suggested, a quarter scheme. Though if you want a chapter mentioned in the fluff, I dunno. Salamanders?

By the way, the university hasn't beat me yet! I actually painted for 30 minutes on a model yesterday! Looking forward to next update
One goes the dirty road other goes the crisp clean road, it's all preferences realy. As long as you like your miniatures it's all good in my book!

And I'm leaning towards quartered scheme, I'd really like that challenge (not even sure if I'll be able to pull one off). And I might go down the grey road, just not completely grey...

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
It occurs to me i haven't posted here for a while despite looking at your log rather a lot.

The DC tank is superb, striking from a distance and even more interesting as you get up close. The freehand is beautiful as usual, but my favourite part of the tank has to be the way the 'blood' of the X filters onto the edge of the tank. Amazing stuff!
Thank you, I'm very proud of my tank(s) and this one was a real challenge painting that much white (and weathering it). I'm very happy with the results though, most of it being touch and go for me as I proceed (the blood splatter being the biggest spur of the moment decision).

Originally Posted by Scathainn View Post
First off: I must say your army is truly an inspiration to me and if the site lets me I shall sling my full +rep prowess in your direction. It still amazes me that you have managed to take my least favorite chapter ever (Blood Angels) and made them into something that blows my Space Marines out of the water.

Speaking of space marines...and water...I had an input idea for your next chapter.
This may be a bit biased due to my own opinions, but... Space Sharks!

You have the best of numerous worlds:
1. With Imperial Armour 10 on its way, you're sure to get some Sharky recourses sooner or later with which to draw upon (rules, conversion packs, etc).
2. You can appeal to your convertive side with some little mods here and there that add some flavor to the minis (for example, I added sharktooth necklaces, fins on my commanders, etc).
3. You appeal to your inner geek of yesteryear by remembering the good ol' days of Rogue Trader and the original Badab War supplement.
4. With their murky grey/white/red scheme you can experiment with colors while still remaining in your area of expertise.
4a. Rogue Trader-era Camoflague! You know you want to!

And finally 5: We all know how awesome sharks are. But in SPACE?!?!?!??!?! SHIT GETS REAL!!!!!
Originally Posted by Scathainn View Post
Well he could always do a Space Sharks successor then...
Makos? Blacktips? Whitetips? Hammerheads?
You might be on to something...

Originally Posted by Azwraith View Post
i actually agree with the above.. i dont know if space sharks is the right thing but having your current army based around the pheonix (kinda) and birds.. i think your supplement army should be based around another animal (mythical or not)

Not a bird though.. maybe like the Minotaur, Centaur? i love Centaurs.. ha

but a aquatic animal is cool.. you could do blue schemes to match. .. and sharks are cool.. like maybe you could do Tiger Sharks.. and have a similar scheme to that of the Executioners..

i know you want to do IA10 or something but i htink that your real talent lie in homebrew chapters..

and again with sharks you get to do fins and iconography of sharks and can make your tanks look like aquariums.. and stuff. which is cool.


nuf said
But lasers are sooo Imperial Guard, aren't they? I guess I'd have to give every squad a lascannon to fit the theme then?

I hear what you're saying about homebrew, it is my kind of work (I assume). And it would tie in neatly with the theme I have going for my Brethren. I bet I could tie some themes together to get a good successor chapter going...

Originally Posted by unxpekted22 View Post
There is a minotaur chapter as well, also with a cool paint scheme, and battled the executioners once.
All of those will come in IA10, might provide me with some awesome ideas (and special characters)!

Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Chainswords are replaced with headbutting.
But I like the chainswords (and axes and...)!

Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
I realized that I failed to throw some input into your search for a new chapter scheme. I have always been a fan of the Novamarines scheme.

Not to mention the proud history of successful martial campaigns. The quartered blue and white is very crisp. With your skills you could do that justice.
Originally Posted by Sgt Pasanius View Post
Ha ha brilliant, but i think a Nova Marines style colour scheme would be awesome, and if you go with Nova Marines you can use all those skull in star burst/corona/sun type shoulder pads tou get with all those Red Scorpian kits.
I say this because this is what i was thinking of using them for myself.
Two voices for the Novas I see!
I like their paint scheme, it looks challenging.
I also did some reading up on their fluff in IA9, they would do fine even if they are a bit to... Honest and codex adhering over all. More on that further down!

Originally Posted by Warpetrie View Post
Would we be able to get some other pictures of him? Like some side shots and stuff? That would be great ^_^ I'm really just lookin at another pic for his combi melta XD if you could explain how you make it that would be great as well hahaha XD
Ask and you shall recieve, since you're mostly after the bloodsong I've compiled pictures of it from every side:

Let's see, a parts rundown:
1 x Combi-melta from the Vehicle command sprue (which is actualy a chaos upgrade part)
2 x left arms from the sanguinary guard box (the ones with angelus pattern bolters on them, one to get the round magazine from, and one to use as the actual arm holding the gun later).
1 x left hand (I took mine from the Death Company box, the Thunder Hammer holding bionic one, but you can use any hand you like, preferably a sanguinary guard one)

Apart from that you need to shape up the arm a bit, fill in some gaps with greenstuff and perhaps a rivet or two, I found it pretty easy to do once I'd gathered the parts I wanted.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
Surely that's an angry marine tactic?

To throw an idea out of left field - One thing i've been thinking about recently was a firehawks army, obviously before they vanished.

The scheme is demanding and will require a fair bit of freehand, but i know you could pull it off. Plus i think it'd be an interesting army to bring to the table.
It would be challenging (all those freehands) but it is very close to what I already have – Fire Hawk vs Phoenix, wouldn't it beat the point of diversifying? Also the "dissapearing makes it kind of iffy why they'd show up alongside the brethren in their old armour (if they truly are the Legion of the Damned nowadays).

Originally Posted by Broken Sword View Post
Hey, Xenobiotic, AMAZING work! I hope you don't mind, but I featured your work on this army on my blog, Dark Future Games (link found in my signature)! I steered all the links back here, so folks can keep up with it here if they want. Drop in on the blog if you'd like to comment for the readers, Xenobiotic and in any case, here is a healthy dose of rep++
Glad you like it, very lovely read! You did miss a few factual pointers in the text, I believe you refer to my rhinos (and my repressor) as Predators, but that's just nit picking! If anyone of them have any questions I'd be happy to answer them!

Originally Posted by Scathainn View Post
Hmmm lets see, his chapter is already based around the phoenix....so he should play another fire bird chapter?

I tease, I tease
Even if it's just teasing it is a valid point

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
I am a human moth, drawn to anything involving flames

But seriously i think it's an interesting concept that i haven't seen done before. Also painting flame adorned yellow armor will probably be a good artistic challenge, and i don't think they'd look massively out of place if he wanted to play the 2 chapters side by side.

Also @ Brokensword: Great article! I already knew this thread was exceptional, but seeing everything back to back it really hits home. Hopefully more people will get to see it now.
You truly are all about the heat, aren't you? Better watch out so you don't get burned!
I'll have to include all of these pointers in my list at the bottom of this post.

Originally Posted by unxpekted22 View Post
hahaha, their symbol was a mushroom cloud? That's so legit, and for some reason i didnt know thats where the legion of damned came from.
You can learn things when you least expect it!

Originally Posted by R3DM0H4WK View Post
Wow! i've just spent the last 2 days going through this thread thoroughly, and now i've had to use a mop to clean up the puddle of drool i was sitting in, this thread is something truely inspiring, i plan to use many of the techniques seen in this thread on my current true scale project, will post log soon, as for a new chapter scheme, you've just done the sons of sanguinus successors so why not the Ultramarine successors - the Sons of Guillimen or even the sons of Orar, which ever chapter you choose i merely hope that it is as visually fulfilling and inspiring as this one. Well done to you for an incredible miniature thread.
Thank you, watch out so you don't slip on the drool!

Interesting points, the Sons of Orar are very neat, but they are red and white – a tad to close to what I already have.
As many of the chapters are successors of Ultramarines their is a pretty big chance of my new chapter belonging to that linage.

Originally Posted by warsmith7752 View Post
Why not try your hand a chaos? In the words of child of the emporor "it is inevitable"

The cleaved and some slanneshi forces are in your area and your could do some really good things with them if you ask me. Nothing lends itself to conversions like chaos does.
While Chaos is interesting and do offer a lot of exciting opportunities (paint schemes, conversions) I want something I can run along with my Brethren without having a real hard time to explain their alliegance. These tactical squads will be used in as counts as Blood Angel Tacticals, I'm just not sure chaos would do...

Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Orks beg to differ.
The Orks never beg, they say funny things and shoot a lot ;)


I've done the bases for all my painted miniatures and I've weathered the first rhino I ever did to keep them all cohesive, as you can see here:


On the topic of a Companion Chapter:
Ok, so I've done some pre-IA10-release soul searching. I took some time to make a tiny list of pros and cons for different chapters suggested and considered, feel free to give me input extra on my horrendous assumptions to follow:


  • Quartered Scheme (awesomesauce every time and a real challenge!)
  • Colours I haven't painted a lot before (Blue and Bone)
  • Fluff mentions each warrior having tattoos on large proportions of their bodies (which gives some painting/freehand/conversion opportunities)
  • Can use Red Scorpion pieces for them (which I'm already utilizing for the Brethren)
  • IA9 chapter, have resources and fluff ready to go now(!)
  • Ultramarine successors – Not that I mind the Ultramarines, but the entire ”purity” thing the Novamarines have going can get to much
  • Strictly Codex adhering and reinforcing fluff – I'm betting that they wouldn't lend themselves well to conversions showing some skin (and therefore tattoos) if I wanted to stay true to the fluff. On the other hand I can still use the tattoo idea on something else...
  • Special Character – I'm not sure his ”terminators become scoring units” special rule is the way I'd like to play normal marines (also, I don't have any terminators so I'd have to buy them, and half of the idea was to use a lot of pieces I have laying around)


  • Special Character – Loving the whole ambush theme, beating around the bushes. Would make for an interesting army to use should I want to play C:SM sometime.
  • Ties in with the whole ”animal/mythological animal” theme already going with the Brethren
  • IA9 chapter, have resources and fluff ready to go now(!)
  • Boring colour, their scheme isn't really the challenge I was looking for even if the contrast with the brethren would work well (I imagine).

Fire Hawks

  • Interesting Scheme
  • Lots of freehand and minor chapter details
  • Cool Special Character
  • IA9 chapter, have resources and fluff ready to go now(!)
  • Red and Yellow scheme – A bit to similar to my Brethren?
  • Fire Hawk aswell as Phoenix – repetative?
  • Lost chapter – could be a corny thing to motivate why they'd suddenly turn up to fight along my successor chapter (?)
  • Special Character rules makes them very similar in gameplay to Blood Angels


  • Suiting fluff (repenance crusade amongst other things)
  • Old colour scheme is very different and unusual for marines (as many rogue trader schemes are)
  • IA10 chapter, colour scheme bound to change when the book hits the shelves
  • Odd Chapter symbol, most likely bound to change
  • Unknown special character and how that will influence their playability


Preview of their new scheme:

  • ”Mythological Creature aspect”
  • Preview of the color scheme and chapter symbol (Land Raider Achilles), metallic scheme would be a challenge
  • IA10 chapter, colour scheme bound to change when the book hits the shelves
  • Unknown special character and how that will influence their playability

Space Sharks (Carcharodons)

Oh, and by the way, here's a sneak peak of a little space shark between the legs of a phantom titan

  • Cool fluff (the fragments I could find)
  • ”Animal aspect”
  • Preview of colour scheme and chapter symbol looks good (but not that challenging(?))
  • Tribal patterns on the armour is a great opportunity to do freehands on the soldiers
  • IA10 chapter, colour scheme bound to change when the book hits the shelves
  • Unknown special character and how that will influence their playability

Space Sharks (Carcharodons) Successors
  • Use whatever pieces of influences I like, such as:
  • Quartered Scheme
  • Grey and Bone quartered with helmet designations
  • Grey and White quartered with helmet designations
  • Grey/Blueish skin with converted features (hairless, ridges, fin-like structures, black eyes), I'm thinking actually doing a lot of marines without helmets and with broken armour to get to show these features)
  • Tattoos (marines showing skin adorned with art)
  • Tribal patterns on armour
  • Tribal influences in adornment and chapter structure
  • Only use certain types of helmets (such only Maximus and Corvus helmets)
  • Great opportunity to learn more converting skills (skin, bigger battle damage, different equipment and mimicking shark features)
  • Not bound to a specific character should I want to try something different (perhaps the Raptors special character along with some squads with rogue trader camouflage? Ah well, let's not get carried away again, I already have one huge army to finish)
  • Could use them with any Space Marine army list I'd like to
  • Could use any Space Shark releases in conjunction with them (such as transfers, which would be my first attempts with them)
  • Original?
  • Semi-official support
  • Grey isn't that far from my confort zone (comparing to other options mentioned)?


Since this post was so long I've decided to give you another one in just a few minutes, so hang in there!

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