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i would drop the DC j-packs and use those points to buy them a R-back swap the HB for a HF, it wont cost you anything.

Drop the Infernus Pistols on the ASM in favor of MG's, drop Sgt's Infernus pistol an PW in favor of a PF, that'll drop the squad to 235 pts, take the MB off the sanguinary priest and that should net you enough points to buy a R-back with whatever you feel like taking

Librarian @ 140

Sanguinary Priest @ 75

Scout Snipers @ 90

ASM @ 235
-R-back @ 55-90

DC @ 130
-R-back @ 55

Rifleman Dread @ 120

MM Attack Bike @ 50

Landspeeder @ 60

total: 955-990 (depending on what you put on the R-back)

then you can put the MB's back if you like.
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