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Originally Posted by angelXD19 View Post
ok so we are having this tournament. we got random armies and I got Blangels. how fun. anyways don't really know whats good just went with things that I thought were pretty neat. everything will be left in reserve

dante 225

I am a big fan of Dante, no issues here

librarian 125- unleash rage, fear of the darkness
jump pack

For libby's unless you take the epistolary upgrade you can only use one power a turn, in that case your best best is to take shield of sanguinius and another power since shield is used in your opponents phase and provides that handy 5+ cover save. This is invaluable for a jump army since you don't have the benefit of transports to protect your guys from heavy fire. Unleash rage is a great power so I would keep that, or take might of heroes or sanguine sword to go along with shield. With the jump pack you want him to be a CC beast, and all of those powers boost you in the right direction.

3 sanguinary priest 240
jump packs,3 melta bombs

Good. You will have a couple of FNP/FC bubbles. No issues here. I like to equip mine with PW but that is just a personal thing.

sanguinary guard 210
infernus pistol

sanguinary guard 210
infernus pistol

sanguinary guard 210
infernus pistol

There are alot of people down on the Sang Guard, but every time I have run a unit it has been a force to reckon with on the table. That being said they are going to draw a lot of fire. Keeping those Priests and the libby with shield close will help with their survivability, but just be ready for your opponent to turn everything he has got onto them. Stay in cover, deep strike tactically, and take advantage of CS provided by other troops and you should have no issues. As far as taking 3 squads, i might loose one and grab a tac squad in a rhino for objective claiming, as they are pretty expensive points wise. If you are wanting to stick with an all jump army, roll out another assault squad with meltas and a PF Sgt, or use the points to beef up your DC.

8 assault marines 184
flamer, sergeant with a fist

8 assault marines 184
flamer, sergeant with a fist

I would go with Meltaguns on these guys instead of flamers unless you know that you are facing nids, orks, or low toughness armies. You will need the mobile anti-mech.

3 death company 130
jump packs, 1 fist, rest have bolters

This is another unit that is going to draw alot of fire. I would beef them up to at least 5-6.

3 attack bikes 130
1 multi-melta

Big fan of bikes, so I have no issues here.

I try to get a Baal and some vindicators into my lists at these points values. That being said you have a lot of mobility so depending on what army you are up against you should be alright. The only glaring issue is that without the addition of some more melta guns you are relying heavily for CC and close range infernus for anti-mech, and CC tank popping is unreliable at best, and the 6" range on the infernus limits your tactical flexibility.

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