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Thanks Dallas my new list looks like this

Libby w/ jump pack

Sang Priest w/ jump pack and PW
Furioso w/ blood talons and HF
Drop pod

10X RAS w/ 2X melta and powerfist
10X RAS w/ 2X melta and powerfist

Heavy Support
Dev. squad w/ 4X ML

Total 995

There wasnt enough room to add the second priest so i think ill keep the RAS squads close together as they approach the enemy lines so everyone can benefit from the FNP

Blood Angels(3000-4000pts)- W11-L4-D6 (Plog updated 1/30/12)
Tyranids(750 pts)- W3-L1-D1
Space Wolves(about 1200 pts) W4-L1-D1 (Plog updated 2/15/12)
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