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BA 1000pt list vs orks/IG

So Saturday I'm going to be playing a small 1000 point game against either orks or IG (were randomizing it to add difficulty) this is my initial list

Termi Liberian with storm bolter; pwers Smite and might of heros- 130

10X RAS w/ 2X melta hand flamer and PW- 210
10X RAS W/ Flamer hand flamer and PW- 195

10X Tac squad w/ Plasma Cannon and flamer

scouts w/ snipers- 75

DC Dread w/ Heavy Flamer and Blood talons
In Drop Pod

Blood Angels(3000-4000pts)- W11-L4-D6 (Plog updated 1/30/12)
Tyranids(750 pts)- W3-L1-D1
Space Wolves(about 1200 pts) W4-L1-D1 (Plog updated 2/15/12)

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