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Originally Posted by bobss View Post
How are those girls pregnant? As I cannot see any ''access point'' for those delightfully elongated and slippery tentacles, it defies the logic of sexual reproduction.

As for the fapping thing. We all fapp to hideous things once in a while... but this? I doubt even the most hardcore 4chan user could wield his punitive cock in any semblence of a masturbatory gesture with the image of this shit upon his screen.
The Wet Nurse isn't the one impregnating them. I think it is written somewhere that the tentacle there is to help out with a miscarriage or something.

They would have to get a painted version first but I doubt that would keep anyone from fapping to it. Especially the veterans of /d/. Browse the place for a week if you don't believe me but don't come back demanding your mental virginity 'cause its gone for eternity.

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