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Originally Posted by Kurt Russell View Post

  • Belial; storm bolter and Sword of silence - 130 pts
  • Sammael; Plasma cannon and TLSB - 205 pts
These guys are great. Belial should have lightning claws though. As far as Sammael goes I prefer his landspeeder. AV14 and his twin linked weapons are just the tits. when he is on his jetbike he makes an easy target for shooting as he is not an independent character and can't hide in a squad.

Elites (all scoring)
  • Deathwing Terminators 5X; all models w/pair of LC - 215 pts
  • Deathwing Terminators 5X; all models w/pair of LC - 215 pts
  • Deathwing Terminators 5X; all models w/THSS - 215 pts

Deathwing THSS terminators suck ass. There is no need to make all assault squads because DA deathwing squads can mix and match however your little heart desires. By all means take a bunch of lightning claws and maybe 1 or 2 THSS termies with the chapter banner and belial in a land raider crusader.Take the other two squads and put an assault cannon and 1 or 2 LCs maybe a chainfist. Use the bikes scout move to find a nice spot to 1st turn ds these 2 squads with a deathwing assault.

Fast Attack (all scoring)
  • Ravenwing Attack Squadron; 3 more bikers, two meltas, an attack bike with multimelta and landspeeder with HB and AC - 390 pts

I use this exact squad all the time and it works great. Another option that I have been playing with lately is a plasma-bike squad. Two plasma-guns and a plasma-pistol on the sarge with an apothecary (to prevent those overheating roll).It's a little pricey but I've been having a good time with them. The apoth. doesn't need to be in a squad to save someone so he can fly around helping where needed.

Heavy Support
  • Land Raider; TLHB, TLLC - 250 pts
  • Vindicator; Dozer blade - 130 pts

Make the raider a crusader for the big termie assault squad and belial. As far as your extra points go I probably used a chunk of those up ut finding a way to squeeze another bike squad would be great. If not just grab a second raider.
Thats my two cents

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