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Originally Posted by Orochi View Post
640 points of your 1500 point army in one game winning unit?

and is it still a green idea to put Plasma in Lascannon squads?
I guess it's not a brilliant idea.. But still, means there is some good anti MeQ.
Originally Posted by Izzleydill View Post
take the hunker-killer missles off the vindicators and get a ML in the scouts squads. More str 8 shots
Originally Posted by Lord Pestilice View Post
I agree with Izzy, those HK missles need to go. If the Vindicator fires it's main gun you cannot shoot the HK anyway.
I might also suggest dropping one of the Scout squads and get either 2 rhinos for both Tac squads or get one razorback with a las/plas, TLLC, or TLAC.
Yeah, this is true, I shall write a new list up in a bit..
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