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Incubi x5
+Enhanced Aethersails

This will kill pretty much anything you meet in cc fo sho.
If you use the aetherails then you cant dissembark, so i wouldn't bother with these.
You have so many wyches, that you might consied the duke istead of drazhar, though i know this is the character you want.

Wyches x5
+Hydra Gauntlets
+Haywire Grenades
+Enhanced Aethersails
Wow, four of these units. I used to love my wyches, as they were so great at killing tanks esp with the haywire. (and used to have blasters, and agonizers that at least glanced vehicles *sigh*) They shoud be pretty good at destroying vehicles with their haywire but you are going to lose most of them if it explodes. They really are only so-so in cc really. Against sm they will get 16 attacks if assaulting (slightly more with hg) so lets say 6 wounds, only 1 or 2 without saves. At best, with luck three dead. A unit of any size or well equiped will answer back in spades. I think I would drop the flickerfield and aethersails, not worth the points, and get another wyche in the squads. You'll probably be moving flat out anyways right?

Fast Attack:
Beastmasters x3
+Venom Blade
+Clawed Fiend x1
+Khymerae x4
+Khymerae x3

These guys are such a mixed bag of tricks. The beastmasters themselves are pretty wimpy. The Kymerae's invul save is nice esp with wound allocation rules as they are. The clawed fiend's toughness will be counted as 3 bec of everything else and str 5 attacks are not that hot. I like the razorwing flocks better, but not a lot better. At 165 points this is not that great a unit performance wize. Will probably look great on the table though.

Heavy Support:
+Additional Close Combat Weapon
+Twin-linked Haywire Blaster

+Additional Close Combat Weapon
+Twin-linked Haywire Blaster

I like the talos toughness and saves, but i don't think this guy gets to the action fast enough. As tank buster, he will have a difficult time catching anything.

Drazhar rules, but this list might need the duke for the increased combat drugs.(if your wyches all get a pain token then this list just becomes much better.) Or maybe take both Asdrubel and the Duke. (You coauld afford this if you drop the beastmasters)
Maybe a wp to get the taloi in. You also don't have much to deal with meq.

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