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Originally Posted by LukeValantine View Post
Never take PF on raptors, PF's are for plague marines, and terminators. LC's are the way to go for raptors. Also Plasma guns are only really good on small suicide units since they can't assault after they fire them, making them prim targets for a assault after they fire (DO to how raptors typically move ahead of the rest of your force.)
Plasma guns works well on Raptors since they are relentless, so they can charge after firing them. Personally I hesitate a bit at the possibility of killing my own troops with a bad roll though.

I would go for:
Champ, (LC and meltabombs (just in case)) and 2 x plasma guns. Perhaps IoK, one extra attack is always going to be there for you, higher I is situational (but beeing EC-fan myself i would probably go for IoS in the end). The Plasmas are really good coupled with the raptors mobility - 4xstr7 shots in the rear isnt something to sneeze at.

Im contemplating of making myself some more raptors for large squad assault-duty later on.

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