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Alright, we're into week Four and still going strong! Great job you guys on keeping this thing going!

This week we didn't get many new suggestions, but we did get a lot of feedback on which ones we've already got that people want to see, which is just as good. But if we're going to keep this going long enough that Jez is forced to give it a subforum of its own, we need more of both! So let's hear some new suggestions, as well as let us know which ones already listed you want to see.

There seems to be a lot of interest in Eldar right now, both out in the forum and here in suggestions (and even in Rules), and I myself am curious about those bloody skimmers...but because we're already talking so much about Eldar, I think it's only fair to wait just a little longer and give someone else a chance.

So this week, it's the 'Crons turn.
Week Four: Versus Necron Monoliths.

Suggestions Pool as of Week 4 (We could use some new ones as well as opinions on what ones already posted you want to hear. Don't be afraid to make more than one suggestion)

Asterix (*) denotes units that have been suggested more than once.
Terminators *
Sniper Drones
Lash Prince
Daemon Prince (DPs in general. This is my suggestion this week )
Plague Marines
Harlequins *
Eldar SKimmers ** (lumped falcons and serpents together)
Hive Tyrants
Avatar of Khaine
The Nightbringer
The Deceiver *
Jump Packers
Kharn the Betrayer
Eldrad Ulthran
Deepstrikers/Drop Pods *

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