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Default Chaos Raptors

So I'm adding a 10 man raptor unit to my army. Ultimately I'm going to have 2-20 man raptor units, but that's much further down the line. Most of the armies I play against tend to be MEQ, with the occasional Imperial Guard army tossed in, though with Dark Eldar just out that may change. Right now I'm running 3 10-man CSM squads, a pair of Oblits and pred for fire support and 2 lords, with a 5 man unit of Termies. The CSMs carry 2 pair of Melta guns, while the Termies have power fists.

Now here's my question: Should I kit the Raptors out with a pair of Plasma guns and the Asp. Champ a pair of Lighting claws so the squad can deal with troublesome ICs or harder hitting units (They're going to have Icon of Slaneesh so they're hitting at initiave 5) or should I kit the squad our for Tank hunting with a pair of Meltas, a power fist and melta bombs?

I see merits either way, but I'd appreciate some other opinions on this.

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