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Originally Posted by normtheunsavoury View Post
For starters, we don't know what you do for a living and you shouldn't have assumed we even care. Whatever you meant by what you posted it came across as racist and offensive. I'm sorry if I am lacking in some gene that allows me to read sarcasm.
Your comments were not funny, even casual racism is offensive.
What you said isn't backed up in fluff terms, at all. The xenophobia of the Empire is based non human species, Eldar, Orks, Tau etc. many of which would quite happily destroy humanity in a heartbeat.
Racism based on ethnicity or skin colour doesn't even come into it.

What may be a light hearted reply in your opinion is offensive and racist in the view of others. The easiest way to avoid getting in trouble is to leave the racism behind and to post something intelligent.
I stand suitably admonished… apologies to anyone who might have taken offence by my comments. They were not supposed to be taken that way.

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