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Originally Posted by squeek View Post
Are you serious? Being Asian, Russian or Black doesn't make you 'xenos'. The Imperium isn't racist there are whole chapters representing different ethnic backgrounds. There's no need for it.
WOOOOH, I'LL STOP YOU THERE RIGHT NOW! Do NOT tar me with that racist crap. It was a light-hearted reply to a hypothetical topic, which you did not obviously see. As for the Imperium NOT being racist... it exterminates entire races who are not human. Don't even go there....

Just to let you know... I actually got a warning from the Moderators because of this stating I used racist language... and if you only knew what I do for a living, you would know that there is not a racist or any-ist bone in my body. Cheers anyway

gothik: agree with you on that there is no real need for it, being a gay woman myself i suppose i might get hung drawn and quartered but i would like to think that the 41m has its own problems then petty rascism or the like. i can see the fact the two universes wouldn't work really but it might be a giggle in some way shape or form
As my previous...

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