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Originally Posted by Brother Emund View Post
Kirk could probably be used, but he needs lots of augmentics, if he wants to stand on the bridge and give orders.... and he has to lose that spray-on uniform, its very gay.
Sulu would be slotted... he looks xenos, kill him. Scottie just ain't Mechanicus... slot him too. Czeckov(?).. xenos.... slot him. Spock, possible Eldar.... torture for a long time, then slot. Bones... useful, we'll keep him. Uhura (?) long-legged black lady... not sure of origins so torture for a little bit and then... slot.
Rest of the crew... penal colony.
Are you serious? Being Asian, Russian or Black doesn't make you 'xenos'. The Imperium isn't racist there are whole chapters representing different ethnic backgrounds. There's no need for it.

I'd agree with Waffles actually, mixing stories from two completely different sci-fi universes is never going to work. The Star Trek races would not be the way they are if they lived in the 40k universe. In the same way having the Star Trek show trying to shoe horn berserkers and nids in just wouldn't work. The crew are hardly going to beam down to a world of frothing monsters each week.

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