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Originally Posted by Arli View Post
For lizards, Bane head (double wounds from single wounds to named target) plus feedback scroll=dead Teclis.
Bane Head + Blood Statuette of Spite is good. Got to pass two toughness tests.

Any none Troll WoC facing Teclis with Lore of Metal dies easier than Ogres against one with Lore of Death/Shadow.

It's not that spell that's the best about it - but a combination of Blades of Aiban on Phoenix Guard (4++ Saves, with AP +1 to hit and S4 hits is a fairly decent killer when they have ASF), Searing Bolt (always powered up, naturally), and Hounds (THAT kills your generals).

One which is rarely taken, but I don't like is Heavens Teclis - reducing my Combat Ability, slows me down, rerolls for his own side, Comet nuking the Troll Horde, and Chain Lightning doing mega damage to MSU Trolls, leaving no real option to turn.

And Galrauch isn't much use to counter it unless you can get Teclis alone. If you Challenge, 2D6 Toughness Tests or Die soon kill him (funny how many people think that it's reasonable to not accept the challenge and then suffer a potential 36 Attacks in a single phase)

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