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Originally Posted by Abomination View Post
How can you be bored in a city with Lelith Hesperax?
Thats a +Rep for you sir lol. How indeed?

I must admit from what I've seen so far I really like the bits of fluff we are getting from the codex. Gladiator fights, sexy chicks participating in gladiator fights, lovers who are experts at pleasing and poisoning.

Folks I think I've found my future second army lol.

In saying that, its kind of like Interview With a Vampire syndrom, what the hell would you do after all that time, it must get incredibly boring, and in a way he's become just like a follower of Slaanesh, he's simply bored with it all. There is nothing left in the universe that can excite him.

Maybe entering the Palace of Slaanesh might be fun and alleviate his boredom .
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